Property management as we know it today is a distinctly modern development, unlike many other types of economic services, niches, and industries. However, there are some historic examples to be found of management-like systems throughout various locations across the globe, dating back to ancient times. For example, men were appointed by cities in ancient Greece to manage property and collect rents. Unlike property management today, the ancient Greek property was almost always owned by the city, so the “property managers” were really just city workers. The development of property management doesn’t evolve much further at all until the mid-19th century in the United States.

Medieval Property Management

In the medieval legal system in Europe, complete private ownership of real estate was not possible, because it was the king who would assume supreme rights over all lands. Therefore, even though property “owners” would live on the land and “manage” the properties, they legally were not the owners – merely early versions of property managers (who happened to live there). This system, known as the feudal system, didn’t end until 1925 in England with the English Property Act of 1925, which dissolved the last traces of feudalism.

Modern Property Management

It wasn’t until the end of the feudal system that the real estate business as we know it today emerged (in part due to new uses for property resulting from the Industrial Revolution). By the end of the 19th century in the United States, real estate had become one of the nation’s leading industries. The Industrial Age brought about an enormous surge in city growth, bringing an increased demand for rental housing and rental buildings for stores and offices. This was the beginning of property management as modern times considers it, although then it was mainly confined to commercial hotels and businesses in downtown areas in the beginning.

In the early 1920s, apartment property owners found themselves with excessively high amounts of rental income, and were then able to travel, take vacations, and explore. However, they needed someone to look after their properties while they were away – hence, the modern property manager was born.

The Best in Property Management

Jordan Seltzer began JS Tamers in 2010 after running his family’s company for several years. Taking a modern approach to the industry, Jordan was committed to running his company in a more impactful, personal way than all the companies that were focused on the volume of clients they had instead of the quality of service they provided. Less than seven years later, JS Tamers is a leading property management company in southern California, with offices in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. Through an unparalleled dedication to providing top tier services to its clients, JS Tamers has mastered the management of everything from single-family home properties to associations, commercial buildings, and large-scale multiple family complexes.

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