JS Tamers offers specialized and continuous attention to your properties.

We will visit your property regularly to ensure that each property is being handled effectively and efficiently and assess pending property issues. We come armed with our tablets and run through a lengthy property inspection checklist.

Some of the items we cover, include:

  • Condition of the Exterior of the Property
  • Ensure Grounds & Common Areas are Well-Maintained
  • Check the Condition of Amenities, including pools
  • Inspect Gutters
  • Confirm Lighting is Working Properly
  • Observe the Roof for Potential Issues
  • Overall Safety Check on the Grounds
  • … And More!

Our concierge style of property management ensures specialized and continuous attention to each property by members of our JS Tamers team. Once the inspection is complete, our team meets regarding all building issues and works to resolve all noted problems. A copy of this inspection is uploaded onto our online portal for our clients to view. Once reviewed, our recommendations are in turn presented to our clients for their input and approval.

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